Who are we?

… and why are we here?

So, there is quite a few of us now…

Sophie (that’s me!) & Rob had the idea for Brunswick & Thorn in 2017 and not long afterward our long time friend Nima came on board and the rest as they say is history. We wanted to make a restaurant that makes you feel comfortable, welcome and enticed. We love it when people come in and relax either reading a book, having a long lunch with friends or a family get together. As parents ourselves we know how important it is to have a place you can go with children and not feel uncomfortable or rushed out. We hope that with Brunswick & Thorn we have made a space for all, somewhere that everyone can enjoy.

It’s taken a while but we have an amazing team behind us who we are sure you have seen behind the bar.

Dave is our Manager and if you’ve had a cocktail he’s probably made it, Emma is our Assistant Manager and is our coffee Queen.

We’ve then got the twins out the front Rose & Nez and they’re joined by Victoria, Liz, James & Dani all serving you food, drinks & smiles. The team in the kitchen is headed up by George and following him closely is Matthew. The guys responsible for the puddings & garnishes are Adam, Alwin, Tom & Matt.

 We’ve only got one planet …

how we plan on helping the community & the world

When we started Brunswick & Thorn we knew that to have a place in todays world we needed to keep our waste and footprint small and every decision along the way we have had this in the back of our minds.

For instance we have a free water tap for anyone who needs it and we are part of the amazing “Refill” initiative, all our bottles are glass so they can be easily recycled, we leave out our coffee grounds to be used by our customers in anyway they see fit, our takeaway cups are 100% recyclable and we don’t offer plastic bottled toiletries in our bedrooms.

Any small change we can do too better our planet we have pledged to do it. But we are always interested in other people’s ideas so please contact us if you know of any way in which we can do our part.